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Depression and Manic Depression


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Treatments: Past and Present

There are a number of medications that are used that include treatment during and preventitive medicines. The most common are Antidepressants (treatment) and Lithium (treatment and preventitive).

Antidepressant drugs are those that elliviate the symptoms and signs of depression during an episode. When taken, the patient becomes more optimistic and happier than they would be if it wasn't taken.
Although they have side effects like drowsiness and faintness, their overall success is quite good.

The most widely perscribed antidepressant is Prozac. It is also widely controversial, as it is so expensive (a daily dose costs about $2), and it is so new, that the side effects are not widely known. Some scientists suggest that there may be a darker side to this antidepressant that they have not found yet.
However, despite this many doctors are willing to provide it, and the success rate is high.

Toilet, Opening & Closing Lid

Lithium is one of the most highly perscirbed, highly effective both preventitive and "during" treatments.

Lithium is a blend of simple mineral salts that is very successful in treating both depression and manic depression.

Try to prevent Depression before it starts!
- Try to limit stress factors in your life.
- Do not set difficult goals or take on a great deal of responsibility.
- Break large tasks into small ones, set some priorities and do what you can as you can.
- Do not expect too much from yourself for this will only increase feelings of failure.
- Try to be with other people; it is usually better than being alone.
- Participate in activities that may make you feel better right away.
- Do not make major decisions; postpone them until the depression has lifted.
- Do not expect to snap out of your depression quickly and do not blame yourself if you are not up to par.
- Do not accept negative thinking; it is part of the depression, which will disappear as you respond to treatment.