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Depression and Manic Depression


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Quick Facts

"Interesting" Tidbits

Some famous people who had manic depression are:

-Beethoven is mentioned as possibly bipolar
-Nixon was probably manic-depressive,
-Robert Downey, Jr., actor
-Ted Turner, founder of CNN
-Hans Christian Andersen
-Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain)
-Charles Dickens
-Peter Tchaikovsky
-Kurt Cobain, musician (Nirvana) (S 1994)
-George Frederic Handel
-Vincent van Gogh (H, S) -
-Winston Churchill (1874-1965), British Prime Minister

Summary Notes:

-Depression is the most easily treated of all mental illnesses.

-Two types of medication are preventive and treatment, and the most commonly perscribed ones are lithium and prozac (respectivly).

-Mania during manic depression is a euphoric "high" state. However, it is possible to have a mixed depressive-euphoric state, and it is quite possible for it to be dangerous.

-Depression can be heridatary. A child with one parent who has bipolar has a risk 15-30% higher, and with both parents a 50-75% chance.

-Depression is PREVENTABLE! Think optimistically!

NEVER IGNORE A SUICIDE REMARK. If you take it seriously, even if it is a joke, it may save someone's life. If it wasn't serious you have shown someone you care.
Remember, suicide is the leading cause of deaths for ages 15-19, but we can change that!