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Depression and Manic Depression

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Information about Mental Disease

When we first were given an assignment to do a project on manic depression, we thought finding information on what it is, and what it does to the mind would be easy.
Well, trying to find information on it WASN'T easy... unless you knew where to look, and the university-student oriented websites weren't easily understood.
So, we bring you a guide to what it is- in plain english!

It's been a month now, and we've found that people have liked our site! We are currently thinking about adding more pages on mental illness, and hope to have those up and running as soon as possible. Any links that would help us in gathering information on either schizophrenia, Multiple Personality, or any other illness would be great. Email them to us by going to the contact us page and e-mailing them.
We have added two new sites, one on S.A.D., and the other on Schizophrenia.  Be sure to go to our links page and chack them out!

There are certain differences between manic depression and "plain" depression. These are differences in symptoms and signs, as well as treatments and causes.
Millions of people suffer from depression. It was thought at one time to be an "adult only" affliction, but the age bracket has been widening. It now affects many teens and even children as young as 9.

What's New?

This site!
We've looked at some other sites, some really good (which we will provide links for) and some not so good.
We'll try to update this site once a month, and add new links and information.

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