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Depression and Manic Depression


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Suicide and Self Mutilation

Suicide is one of the growing outcomes of depression, and about 2 million people in the US die from it each year. The majority of attempted suicides involve women, but most of the sucessful suicides are done by men.

If you have suicidal thoughts, or are thinking about hurting yourself in any way, a good way to deal with it is to give yourself 24 hours AT LEAST in which you promise yourself not to do anything. Then, talk to someone you really trust, or a proffesional. Do not let yourself be alone, rather stay with a group until the urge has passed.

Another growing effect of depression, mostly for women, is self mutliation. Like suicide, it is an urge to hurt themselves after a stressfull situation. Some of the most predominant self mutilation techniques are: cutting and burning.
Because of the inner hurt that depression causes, some hurt themselves externally, and when asked about it, they say that they do it to relieve stress, and that it doesn't hurt. These practices can scar them for life, so even after their depression has subsided, they have a reminder.